October 29, 2015

New Carpet!

A special thanks to Shaw Carpet Industries for the assistance in getting new carpet for the house! The carpet in the staff bedrooms and all office areas were carpeted in the “earth” tones (tans, beiges, browns) while the girls’ bedrooms and hallways were carpeted in the “blue tones” (slate gray, tans, etc). All are lighter and have a more marbled appearance than the originals. This really brightened the rooms.

Wonderful Coincidence!
While moving extra carpet down to the basement, we noticed something on the boxes that none of us were aware of: the style and color of the carpets. Considering the ministry we are in and girls we serve, we were amazed!
Style: Sound Advice
Color: Get Along (this is the color used in girls’ rooms & hallways)
Color: Have Faith (this is the color used for staff bedrooms & offices)