Who We Are


Like most charitable endeavors, Angel’s House has its roots in a group of concerned members of the community who saw a need and set about to help. It began with monetary donations for presents at Christmastime and grew into an annual humanitarian fund for children in foster care. In October 2000, a crisis developed when the lack of an urgent foster care facility forced children and social workers to stay overnight at the county Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) office. DFCS called on this concerned community group for help. They quickly secured a room at the local men’s shelter, and this temporary solution convinced the group that a county emergency shelter was desperately needed. The newly formed Newnan-Coweta Children’s Shelter Board went to work raising the one million dollars needed to fund construction of a permanent home and start-up program.

Community support was also overwhelming, and on August 21, 2002, ground was broken for Angel’s House. Another milestone was reached when the house was dedicated in February, 2004. Georgia’s First Lady, Mary Perdue, gave the keynote address. She remarked that “this project is what I would like to see all over the state of Georgia.”She emphasized that the community response to a much-needed shelter is “of far greater value than anything the state can provide.”

Angel’s House opened it’s door to children on June 21, 2004. Currently licensed to accommodate a maximum of ten children, some only stay temporarily and are later placed with relatives, but an average of seven to ten children live at Angel’s House on a daily basis. Since opening this special home has been a safe haven for over 220 children. Read more about our groundbreaking and dedication.

Angel’s House runs just like a home with the group leaders serving as house parents. It is heartwarming to visit, smell the meals being prepared, watch the girls interact, do their homework, and spend time in the garden.


Home-grown country music legend Alan Jackson and his family took special interest in the shelter and helped to make the dream come true. He and his wife, Denise, were instrumental in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the shelter by putting on a special concert, as well as donating their Corvette to be raffled. The Jackson’s were offered the honor of naming the shelter.
They chose the name Angel’s House as it is their prayer that each child seeking shelter in the facility will be surrounded by “heavenly and earthly angels”. The Jackson family in Newnan continue to show their love and support of the Angel's House through Run sponsorships and donations! We appreciate Alan Jackson and his fans continued support as they link to us from his website!


Angel’s House has seen many personnel and program changes since opening. No matter the length of stay, the one thing that remains the same is the care provided for each child. Based upon numerous changes at the state level regarding service needs, Angel’s House has adjusted its program to meet those needs. A big change that has impacted our program dealt with the age requirements for children under the age of 12 who must receive a special permission waiver granted by a Regional Director in order to be placed in a group home. During the first three years, children who came into care typically had a longer length of stay and were elementary school age. During the most recent four years, the age range has shifted to 13 years and older. Occasionally, Angel’s House still provides care for those under 12, but this has become a rarity. Because of this shift to teenagers and the referral base being predominantly female, Angel’s House has only served females since August 2007, allowing the program to utilize the facility to its optimum function.

Meeting each child’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs remains the primary service goal of Angel’s House. Our service area predominantly remains Coweta County, but we do provide services for children outside the county. This care is for children in state custody. Overnight to 904 days has been the range of stay. Many of the children who come to Angel’s House on an emergency basis walk in with only the clothes on their backs. Community support is extremely necessary and deeply appreciated in meeting the needs of these children. Angel’s House continues to provide emergency 23-hour stay for Coweta County DFCS “special needs” cases.